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Cosplay Universe

Cosplay Universe

Documentary | English | 84 minutes

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Kew Media Distribution

캐스트 & 크루


Jonathan McHugh, Jordan Rennert


Jonathan McHugh, Jordan Rennert, Patrick Meaney, Jonathan Platt


Yaya Han, Ed Hoff, Stan Lee



The international popularity of Comic-Con has spawned an explosion of ‘Cosplay’ (Costume + Play), a fan-based phenomenon where pop culture die-hards get to become the characters they love.

Cosplayers use design, technology and acting skills to create costumes and personas for both enjoyment and competition. Featuring industry leaders such as Stan Lee and Yaya Han, as well as expert competitors in the World Cosplay Summit, this fascinating documentary feature explores this growing global trend and the psychology behind this extreme form of self-expression. Cosplay Universe captures the magic of personal transformation that allows cosplayers to step outside themselves, emulating the heroes whose qualities they aspire to attain.

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