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Cross Purposes

Cross Purposes

Drama, Faith, Family | English | 39 minutes

보병 중대

Twin Engines Global

캐스트 & 크루


David Alford


David Alford


David Alford


Ryan Henderson, Joseph Stam, Randa Blackley



Andrew Morrison is an ambitious, driven professional determined to prove himself to be a top medical student. To pad his school application, he reluctantly takes a temporary job as a nurses’ assistant and sets out to prove what an excellent doctor he will make. Jamie Walker is a precocious sixteen-year-old long-term patient whose life has been put on hold with an illness that threatens his future. Playful, lively, and extremely bored, Jamie is looking for a purpose of his own. When these two men find themselves in a hospital room together one wants to prove he is a “model” doctor and the other is anything but an “ideal” patient. Together, they discover their determination makes them more alike than they ever dreamed. Using Proverbs 19 as its theme, this story looks at the true meaning of “purpose” in life.

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