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Action/Adventure, Thriller | English | 80 minutes

보병 중대

MultiVisionnaire Pictures

캐스트 & 크루


Harry Lindley


Julian Mack, Harriet Wade


Harry Lindley


Julian Mack, Hainsley Lloyd Bennett, Sabbeah Theos



Lex and her boyfriend Dru go to Leo’s for his birthday masquerade party. Leo is Lex’s brother and a reclusive computer programmer. At the party, Leo hands out USB drives labeled “DAISY” as party favors to fellow hackers. In fact, DAISY is an artificial intelligence -- originally created by Leo as his opponent of chess games. However it has the ability to evolve and adapt, enhanced with predatory tendency to “sacrifice the weak” to yield efficiency in order to win at all costs. When the computer virus is unleashed, DAISY locks the apartment’s security doors and cuts off all phone receptions. Leo, Lex, and Dru find themselves trapped together in the building while DAISY starts aggressively creating her own imitations of life and even manifesting new creatures for this new Paradise. It is so powerful, Leo has lost control even as the creator of the virus. DAISY, evolving into an organism, rapidly spreads everywhere -- in the air, in the water, under the skin, and its human hosts. Lex tries to call for help, only to find an apocalyptic outside world because DAISY has been unleashed into the world through the party guests.

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