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Doggy Daycare

Doggy Daycare

Childrens, Drama, Faith, Family | English | 61 minutes

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BMG Global

캐스트 & 크루


Matty Johnson


Matty Johnson, Vanessa Tavares, Harrison Astroff, Lise Moule


Brad Beckwehl, Robert Butt, Matty Johnson, David Kinsman


Derick Agyemang, Emma Almeida, Brown



Michelle and Amelia have been running the D.D.C. since their parents passed away. They have many pets live with them but Mutt remains a street dog. When they run out of finance for the doggy haven and emotions boil they form some risky ideas to save the place. Their attempts to recruit a famous former owner fail so they must think even further outside the box. Mutt leads the pack of unique dogs against all obstacles including an on the edge dog catcher with an obsession for Mutt. The love between the dogs and Michelle keeps them strong when they come up against bullies and horrible people against them. The evil cat Baron ramps up the difficulty anyway he can including hypnotizing and also helping the dog catcher. Amelia sets up a chance for them to be on a show shot at the D.D.C but things go terribly wrong when Michelle's health issues put her life in extreme danger. When the Doggy day care can't afford to stay open, Mutt the street dog with a heart of gold rallies the rest of the dogs to try and save the day. Amelia the D.D.C. owner and her younger sister Michelle provide much needed assistance for this quest but at what cost.

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