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Doi Boy

Doi Boy

Thriller | Thai | 110 minutes

보병 중대

Neramitnung Film

캐스트 & 크루


Nontawat Numbenjapol


Davy Chou, Steve Chen, Supatcha Thipsena, Daneil Mattes


Arak Amornsupasiri, Panisara Rikulsurakan


DOI BOY depicts the story of Sorn, a 21-year-old ethnic Shan heterosexual man living as an undocumented refugee in Chiang Mai, Thailand, and working as a gay masseuse and prostitute. As an undocumented worker in a socially unacceptable profession, Sorn lives an invisible yet comfortable life without any aspirations. It is only by projecting himself into the lives of others that he begins to dream. Ji is a criminal and Sorn’s customer has tried to bring him back to Shan while he makes a young activist called Wut disappear.

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