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First Love

First Love

Romantic Comedy | Thai

보병 중대

Sahamongkolfilm International Co., Ltd

캐스트 & 크루


Puttipong Promsaka na Nakorn, Wasin Pokpong


Somsak Techaratanaprasert


Puttipong Promsaka na Nakorn, Wasin Pokpong, Voraluk Klasukon


Mario Maurer, Pimchanok Luevisetpaiboon



The film will take you back to your first feeling of love that you may have forgotten. A little walk down memory lane of a little girl with a big heart.
Nam a 14 year old high school freshman, a sort of mediocre looking girl has a funny tingly feeling for Chone a nice senior heartthrob. As she meets the boy of her dream, the power of love transformed this mediocre looking girl to do everything to transform herself into a blossoming school beauty and she has a small hope that he will notice her one day. So how will Nam’s love story unfold? Will Chone finally notice her? Eventually will hope and love become a reality? Only time will tell.

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