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Alternate Titles: Phurrr...

Drama | English

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Anubhav Chopra


Anubhav Chopra


Phurrr is an Indian slang which depicts the sound of a bird flying.

Phurr is a bold, unfortunate and intensely emotional tale that interweaves several inter-connected stories about greed, ambition, desire, love, lust and crime as a result of ONE desperate decision.

Circumstances bring the three characters, Sukhi, Pammi and Guddi to a travel agent Mrs. Duggal who draws out an extensive plan for them to illegally migrate from Punjab to Delhi to Istanbul to Mexico to America. Things take a sour turn when the three arrive in Istanbul to realise this will not be easy… A lot is thrown their way forcing them to question their decision and desire to go live the ‘American Dream’…

The non linear narrative keeps taking us back and forth in time revealing slowly how they were doomed from the very beginning.

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