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For The Love of Jessee

For The Love of Jessee

Drama, Faith | English | 94 minutes

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BMG Global

캐스트 & 크루


David McAbee


Randy Kulina


David McAbee


Randy Wayne, Mandahla Rose, Adrienne Barbeau, Bre Blair, Manu Intiraymi, Tony Denman



After an accident leaves Doctor Luke Matthews (Randy Wayne) a widower and a father in the matter of hours, he must learn how to start over. And when one of his former patients, Sage (Mandahla Rose) loses her baby due to a miscarriage, Luke decides to hire her as his nanny. Much to his mother’s concern (Adrienne Barbeau), Sage takes the job and becomes a part of the family. As Sage busies herself with taking care of baby Jessee, Luke loses himself in work, hiding his pain from his best friend (Tony Denman) and the rest of his family. Over time Luke and Sage find they have a lot more in common then just their love for Jessee. The path to a second chance is filled with real life drama, heartache and redemption.

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