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Galaxy 360: A Woman's Playground

Galaxy 360: A Woman's Playground

Comedy, Science-Fiction | English | 100 minutes

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MirrorWater Entertainment, LLC

캐스트 & 크루


Anna Fishbeyn


Margarita Fishbeyn, Adam Grill


Anna Fishbeyn


Anna Fishbeyn, Squeaky Moore, Lauren LoGiudice, Athena Michaelides, Lawrence Sturdivant, Brennan Lowery



LOGLINE: What was once a man's world is now a woman's playground!


Sci-Fi comedy set in 2195, women rule the world, men dream of getting married, and you’re invited to the most watched reality TV show of the future: Victor’s Angels Mr. World Beauty Pageant!

All gender stereotypes are reversed, men are treated as objects and playthings, under the wealth and power of women. The Great Media Personality Illumina guides the men through behind-the-scenes drama, tears, insecurities and talents, to win the Phallicorn Crown!

This is comic Science Fiction satire with a great message!

The pre-release version of the film first screened to a packed house at the Cannes Film Festival.

The early pre-release version also packed the house at the Big Apple Film Festival and was a finalist of the Sundance New Frontier Exhibition.

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