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Give world a chance

Give world a chance

Documentary | Mongolian | 50 minutes

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Bayar Banzragch


The documentary film, “Give World a Chance” shows the natural connection between humans and nature. Everything in nature has life and a spirit; humans, animals, plants, rivers, mountains. The person in this film is very naturally and deeply connected to the spirits in nature and his environment. He hears feels and loves nature and his environment. He is a Mongolian throat singer and he has lived his whole life in the very high and very beautiful Altai Tavan Bogd Mountains along the Hovd River. This very remotest part of Mongolia in the far western Altai mountain regions is near the borders of Kazakhstan, Russia, and Mongolia where they intersect in Central Asia. It is very beautiful with very high snow-covered mountains and rivers. The throat singer is shown as he goes about his life showing and explaining his feelings for the humans and nature around him. He shows it to his grandchildren, he communicates with his environment. He knows what plants are good for what human ailments. He shows the respect traditional Mongolians of his generation have for water and nature. He wants to preserve this nature and pass on to the younger generation, the love, understanding and care that he provides to everything around him. Many humans are connected the wrong way to nature. He wants to show us that we should connect to the beauty and spirits of the nature in a good way. He has this very unusual and unique Mongolian talent for Throat Singing. Through teaching throat singing he passes on this unique and traditional culture to the younger generation to maintain the culture, while passing on a love of beauty and nature. The Director and the Throat Singer want to show us that if nature and spirit and beauty are gone, human life is destroyed Human life, love and happiness are connected to the spirit of nature in all natural things. We should care for nature and each other.

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