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Guardian Angel

Guardian Angel

Action/Adventure | Mongolian | 90 minutes

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Many years ago, a retired spy lived with his orphaned granddaughter in secluded countryside. There he chose a young boy as his trainee and takes him in. While the three of them living together, children fall in love with each other. As time passes, children get older and the old spy has died. After his death, his granddaughter goes abroad for college. Ever since they lose contact with one another. After a while, the girl comes back to her country, still thinking about her first love. One day, the girl accidentally witnesses a serious crime. While criminals chase after her before their trial in court, two police officers are in duty to protect her. A wealthy man who loves the girl doesn't entrust police officers and hires a professional bodyguard. Turns out the newly hired bodyguard was a trainee of her grandfather...

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