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Horror, Thriller | English | 100 minutes

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Altitude Film Sales

캐스트 & 크루


Marco van Belle


James Harris, Mark Lane


Logan Martin, Marco van Belle


Emma was a rock-climbing superstar until a terrible accident prematurely ended her career. Six years later, to recover her climbing confidence, she agrees to lead a team of scientific researchers up a legendary unexplored mountain in the remote Andes.

But Emma is going to face more than the climb on this expedition. She will come up against a very real and terrifying manifestation of her inner demon. Because something ancient and undiscovered lurks within this mountain and it comes for them at night, thousands of feet up the cliff face.

From the producers of 47 Meters Down, HANG is a high concept thrill-ride that deftly combines the strongest elements from some of the best genre movies of modern cinema, within a unique and previously unseen setting.

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