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Heidi - Rescue of the Lynx

Heidi - Rescue of the Lynx

Action/Adventure, Animation, Childrens, Family | English | 80 minutes

보병 중대

Studio 100 Film GmbH

캐스트 & 크루


Tobias Schwarz


Thorsten Wegener


Rob Sprackling


Heidi saves an injured lynx kitten, nursing him back to health before returning him to his family on the mountain. On her journey she discovers a sawmill in the next valley which has ruined the local environment, driving the lynx away to her village. A sawmill owned by the same man who plans to build one in Dorfli! Together with Grandfather and Peter (and ultimately Clara), Heidi must save the lynx family and stop the greedy businessman from destroying their idyllic Alpine home.

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