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I Can't See Her

I Can't See Her

Alternate Titles:

Drama, Romance | English | 96 minutes

보병 중대

OneTwoThree Media

캐스트 & 크루


Savannah Bloch


Tania Nolan, Rachel Crowl, Karan Soni, Mary Holland



Alyssa, a successful photographer, wakes one morning to find her apartment ransacked and her husband mysteriously missing. The trauma has erased her husband’s face from her memory and left without even a photograph to offer the police, she turns to a work colleague she meets called Eve. Eve helps her understand her husband's battle with depression, even suggesting that she grieves the loss of him and accept his absence. And as Alyssa begins to move on with her life, she starts to discover a love for Eve that she fears exploring further. The reality of who Eve really is, ultimately becomes clear to her.

A film that reflects the reality of processing a partner’s transition.

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