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I Want To Live

I Want To Live

Alternate Titles: Sirdys

Drama, Romance | Lithuanian | 110 minutes

보병 중대

OneTwoThree Media

캐스트 & 크루


Justinas Krisiunas


Motiejus Ivanauskas, Roberta Sirgedaite, Rolandas Kazlas, Liubomiras Laucevicius



Set during the early years of independence from the Soviet Union. A rebellious, weak-hearted, but strong-willed boy, Saulius, arrives at a youth sanatorium where he meets a group of charismatic teenagers. They suffer from heart disease hoping for a miracle, as some await a donor…
Saulius is a promising athlete who is brought to recuperate. Finding it difficult to adjust living there, he falls for Milda, who is awaiting a donor heart. The casual teenage infatuation gradually develops into true first love. A love that overcomes every obstacle, does not listen to the voice of reason and is stronger than death.

A stunning award winning coming of age story.

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