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Thriller | English

보병 중대

Highland Film Group

캐스트 & 크루


Vaughn Stein


Richard B. Lewis, David Wulf


Lilly Collins, Simon Pegg


A prominent family woman and rising star in the New York District Attorney's office, Lauren Monroe (Kate Mara) had a perfect life until she is blindsided by the news of her hedge fund tycoon father's death. When most of the family's fortune isleft to her mother and politician brother, Lauren receives only a small fraction of their millions along with a mysterious envelope containing directions to a hidden bunker deep in the woods of the family's country property. Inside the bunker Lauren discovers an emaciated man on the brink of death, Morgan (Simon Pegg),
secretly imprisoned by her father for the last 30 years. Unsure of what to do next,Lauren quietly nurses Morgan back to health in the bunker so she can begin to unravel the incomprehensible situation her father left behind. As Morgan gains in strength, he slowly reveals dark and twisted secrets about her family, but Lauren realizes too late that she has become entrenched in a deadly web of lies, murder, and manipulation...

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