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Kids of Khukhiin river

Kids of Khukhiin river

Documentary | Mongolian | 50 minutes

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Bayar Banzragch


This documentary is about middle school students’ lives in dormitory in the
Munkhhairhan sum, Hovd province located in the western side of Mongolia. Because
many Mongolian households in the countryside still chose nomadic lifestyle,
they have to send off their children to the closest province for education, which is
hundreds of kilometers away. Children stay away from home and their families for
many months and live together in a school dormitory. This documentary highlights
the life of a little girl Ariunzaya who lives in dormitory with her two brothers and a
sister. Although she misses her parents, she feels a little better than other children
because she is with her siblings. The role of teachers and instructors is important.
They are the children’s caregivers, instructors and parents. There is a big difference
between middle schools in countryside and cities. The condition of their dormitory
is not very comfortable but children do their chores, study together and live safely
and soundly. Children who live far away from become more mature and tough.

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