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La Llorona

AFM 2019 Screening Schedule

Laemmle Monica Film Center 1
11월. 7 - 11:00 오전

La Llorona

Mystery, Suspense | Spanish | 90 minutes

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Film Factory Entertainment

캐스트 & 크루


Jayro Bustamante


Jayro Bustamante, Gustavo Matheu


Gustavo Matheu


María Mercedes Coroy


With the words “If you cry, I’ll kill you” ringing in their ears, Alma and her sons are murdered in Guatemala’s armed conflict.
Thirty years later, a criminal case is brought against Enrique, a retired general who oversaw the genocide. But he’s acquitted through a mistrial and the spirit of La Llorona is unleashed to wander the world like a lost soul amongst the living.

At night, Enrique starts to hear her wailing. His wife and daughter believe he’s having bouts of Alzheimer’s-related dementia. Little could they suspect that their new housekeeper, Alma, is there to mete out the vengeance the trial did not.

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