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Legend Of Zhu Bajie

Legend Of Zhu Bajie

Alternate Titles: 八戒有戏

Action/Adventure, Animation, Romantic Comedy | Chinese, English | 90 minutes

보병 중대

Beijing Joy Pictures Co., Ltd

캐스트 & 크루


Li Chi Li, Ran Hao He


The story utilizes relationship between Heaven, Human World and Monster World as its background. It tells a story of one of the most decorated soldier of heaven -- Marshall Tianpeng who become proud after winning a battle with monsters. During a guarding mission, he lost the most precious treasury of all time -- a golden Rack. As a result of his punishment, he is sent to the sealed City of Monsters.After arriving the city, he not only become a pig monster but also loses his magic. He falls into endless battle with the guard. Fortunately, he is saved by Er Jie and brought into a food stall to stay. He works during the day and searches for clue during his break. With the help from Er Jie and his friends, they successfully defeated Monster King -- Tai Sui, and he takes back the treasure. At the end, he is punished because he stands up for the freedom of the city and breaks the Mirror of Kunlun. He is punished to be a monster forever.

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