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Market Value

Market Value

Drama | English | 128 minutes

보병 중대

Indie Rights

캐스트 & 크루


Wendell Etherly


Jules Bruff, John Hoogenakker, Janet Brooks, Chandra Michaels


Fifteen years ago, a young woman (Valerie Whitaker) was admitted to the emergency room for a heroin overdose. As the doctors prepare to perform a detox procedure, they learn that she's pregnant, prompting an emergency delivery. During Valerie's recovery, a nurse (Audrey Stewart) overhears a conversation between Valerie and her boyfriend concerning the possibility of selling their newborn child on the black market. Shortly after Valerie is discharged from the hospital, Audrey reaches out to her anonymously as someone who is interested in purchasing the child. Fifteen years later, Valerie Whitaker, now several years sober and nationally recognized as an advocate for locating missing children, has died in search of the child she sold. However, the Whitaker family continues the search, and it eventually leads to Chicago, where Audrey now resides with her wife (Carrie Stewart) and their adopted 15 year old son.

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