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Miles in the Life: Story of a BMF Drug Trafficker

Miles in the Life: Story of a BMF Drug Trafficker

Documentary, True Story, Urban | English | 96 minutes

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Anti-Hero Productions

캐스트 & 크루


Shaun M Mathis


Jabari Hayes


Clifton Powell



Miles in the Life is a story of redemption and touches on how we can't always escape our past. It's a tale of struggle, survivial, fast cars, women, money, drugs and the darker side of the American dream. Its also about how one man aided a drug organization in becoming one of the most talked about organizations of our time and how, once released from prison, he turned his life around and become a millionaire a second time, legally. It sheds a light on why second chances are so important and why we shouldn't judge anyone by their past but by the person we see before us today.

Logline: Using the cover of an Atlanta limousine driver, Jabari Hayes trafficked large quantities of cocaine and cash across the country for the then largest African American drug organization in America (1999-2007) known as Black Mafia Family, better known as BMF.

Synopsis: Jabari Hayes grew up in the 1970's to a mother addicited to crack cocaine until his father removed him from the crack house he lived in and relocated him to St. Louis Missouri. There, Jabari became a stellar student and was awarded a full track scholarship to the prestigious Morehouse College where he graduated an all-American track runner and suma cum lade. Life was good for Jabari, as he started a valet business in Atlanta during the mid-90's and also had a successful limosine business. This was during the time BMF (Black Mafia Family) converged on the city of Atlanta. Because of is inconspicuous limo business, Jabari was offered a job by BMF to transport cash and drugs across the country. Jabari accepted the offer and for 5 years successfully transported millions of dollars in drugs and cocaine. During that time he was stopped 5 times, once with over $500K in cash. But he didn't snitch and was let go. Ultimately, he was stopped with 101 kilos of cocaine and was sentenced to 5 years in federal prison, still, he didn't snitch.

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