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Morning Valley

Morning Valley

Documentary | Mongolian | 25 minutes

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Batbileg Z.


It is the morning of a Mongolian national holiday “New Moon.” Buryat people are
greeting with each other with the rise of the sun in the steppe. Herdsman Bayarjargal
B.’s family is busy preparing to go greet their elders. They live in Bayan-
Uul sum, Dornod province, Bayarjargal’s grandma Baljinnaym B. is the eldest
around here. Whereas, her husband Buted is 86 years old this year.Together they
have raised eight children. This year, one of their daughter is coming from the
city to greet them, therefore, everybody is busy preparing for the holiday. Baljinnyam
has started working for the state, ever since she was 13 years old. During
the war of liberation she also served the country and knows some of the war
details. She had an ordinary life taking care of the livestocks. This documentary
shows the daily lifestyle of Buryat ethnic group and the frantic side of the winter
as well as the beautiful side of the winter in steppe.

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