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Muskie Point

Muskie Point

Thriller | English | 93 minutes

보병 중대

Indie Rights

캐스트 & 크루


Eric Sewell


Stephen Sewell


Ian Sewell


Stephen Sewell, Stephen McNaughton, Andrew Neil McKenzie



The rules are simple. Mr. Mannericks is the boss, your score is his score and he gets his share. If not, you may find yourself taking a trip to Muskie point for a final and conclusive chapter to your story. A fact not lost on any of Mr. Mannericks' subordinates and currently weighing heavily on the mind of one in particular, Doyle. Doyle let greed get the better of him when he started earning on the side without the consent or knowledge of his boss. He got sloppy and he got caught. Now his crew mates have been ordered to surrender him over to Abrams, a high-ranking enforcer for Mr. Mannericks. Doyle's fate is in their hands as they find themselves torn between loyalty to him and obedience to Mr. Mannericks.

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