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My Death Angel

My Death Angel

Action/Adventure, Black Comedy, Thriller | Italian | 99 minutes

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Minerva Pictures

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Herbert Simone Paragnani


Ilenia Pastorelli, Pietro Sermonti, Eugenio Franceschini, Saverio Raimondo



Arturo, a placid forty-year-old, unexpectedly receives the visit of an Angel of Death: a sexy woman with a weakness for tequila and younger boys. The supernatural being, Angela, invites him to a quick departure. However, Arturo wants to make a pact with his incorrect escort: he will accept his Destiny only if she helps him take revenge on all those who have made fun of him. The bet is tough: if Arturo disappears from the Register of the Morituri, Angela will lose her immortality. Who between the two will be able to defeat Death a second time?

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