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Papa was not a Rolling Stone

Comedy | French | 99 minutes

보병 중대

Pathe International

캐스트 & 크루


Sylvie Ohayon


Michael Gentile


Sylvie Ohayon, Sylvie Verheyde


Aure Atika, Marc Lavoine


Stéphanie was not welcomed into life, born as she was by accident to a Tunisian Jewish mother who landed up in the “Cité des 4000”, a housing project in a rundown suburb north of Paris, and a Kabyle father whom she never knew. She was adopted a few years later by her mother’s husband, Daniel, whom she refused to call “dad”, despite him trying to beat it into her. Early on, she decided to get out of this bleak environment. Thanks to the unconditional love of her grandmother, her books, her passion for the music of Jean-Jacques Goldman, and the relationships she formed in her dance class, Stéphanie battled her way through life in this ethnically-diverse community, where friendship is paramount. Stéphanie knew that one day, she would leave the project to cross the beltway to Paris and lead the life of which she had always dreamt. The film tells the story of her taking wing.

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