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Party Hard

Party Hard

Comedy, Drama | English | 103 minutes

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Indie Rights

캐스트 & 크루


William Nicholas Clay


Hunter Bolton, Brian Forbes, Ty Rowe, Amy Brower, Liz Jennings



Chandler (Hunter Bolton) spontaneously moved away with hopes he could break his monotonous lifestyle. But now he's alone in a new city, and left with only his past mistakes to reflect on. Realizing the only way forward is backwards, Chandler returns home to set things right and finds himself thrown into a late-night odyssey of binge-drinking and bar-hopping with childhood buddy Jules (Brian Forbes) and the seemingly impervious Ty (Ty Rowe). As the trio move swiftly to the pulsating beat of city nightlife, Chandler must be willing (or remember) to confront his mistakes, or be confined to a lifestyle that he's so desperately tried to escape.

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