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Perfect Game

Perfect Game

Comedy, Family | English | 90 minutes

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Worldwide Film Entertainment/WFEOD

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Dan Guntzelman


Dan Guntzelman


Dan Guntzelman


Patrick Duffy, Ed Asner, Tracy Nelson



PERFECT GAME is a humorous and touching story that celebrates the determined believer in all of us. Eleven-year-old Kanin has one dream -- to be the world's best baseball player, or at least not to be the one always picked last. Things look up when coach Bobby Geiser (Patrick Duffy) surprisingly picks him to be on his Little League team. But Kanin soon discovers that Bobby thinks he's one of the worst players and is using him as part of a bet. Crushed but confident in their abilities, Kanin and some of the other "Little League losers" fire Bobby and rally around Kanin's mom (Tracy Nelson) and a retired high school coach (Ed Asner). While setting their sights on the championship, they learn the true meaning of sportsmanship and teamwork, and soon, feel like the champions they are.

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