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Comedy | English | 100 minutes

보병 중대

AGC Studios

캐스트 & 크루


Chris Pine


Stacey Sher, Patty Jenkins, Chris Pine, Ian Gotler


Chris Pine, Ian Gotler


Chris Pine, Annette Bening, DeWanda Wise, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Danny DeVito


Darren Barrenman (Pine) is a hapless dreamer and would-be philosopher who spends his days looking after the pool of the Tahitian Tiki in sunny Los Angeles and crashing city council meetings with his neighbors Jack and Diane (DeVito, Bening). When Darren uncovers the greatest water heist in LA history since Chinatown, Darren makes uneasy alliances with a beautiful and connected femme fatale while following every lead he can with corrupt city officials, burned out Hollywood types, and mysterious benefactors – all in the name of protecting his precious Los Angeles, and his pool! Lovingly crafted as a tribute to Los Angeles, POOLMAN takes the pieces of famous LA Noirs like Chinatown and The Long Goodbye with the irreverence of The Big Lebowski and the affection of La La Land to craft a mystery that entertains on every page.

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