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Rashaan Khad

Rashaan Khad

Documentary | Mongolian | 50 minutes

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Bayar Banzragch


There is a valuable artistic work which is one of a kind, engraved rock paintings on the cliffs during the stone age which located in Khentii province, Batshireet county of Mongolia. The Rashaan Khad is one of the evidence /20000-40000 years ago/ that our ancestors were leaving evidence that they have existed. Rashaan Khad contains readings of proof of residencies in 6 different languages, stamps, drawings of mammals from the huntings. Mongols created their art of letters and writings millions of years ago. Scientists around the world have been agreeing that Mongols were intelligent and rich in cultures. This documentary is about ancient artworks that were engraved in Rashaan Khad; It aims to show that these findings are a national and cultural asset that must be kept with great care.

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