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Ready O/R Knot

Ready O/R Knot

Romantic Comedy | Cantonese | 104 minutes

보병 중대

Emperor Motion Pictures

캐스트 & 크루


Anselm CHAN


Carlos CHAN, Michelle WAI



After five years together, Heidi (Michelle WEI) sees marriage as testimony of their love, while Guy (Carlos CHAN) treats it as doomsday.

Heidi’s friends try to get Heidi pregnant and Guy into marrying her. Meanwhile, Guy and his friends backfire with their antics in defense against the girls.

After Guy has unprotected sex with Heidi, the boys resort to the pill, but Guy doesn’t follow through. Heidi finds out, and the couple break up. Heidi decides to depart for her working holiday, and Guy realizes the reality of losing Heidi forever. Can he catch her just in time? Ready or Knot, here comes love!

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