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Animation | English | 90 minutes

보병 중대


캐스트 & 크루


Diego Cagide, Diego Lucero


The world of Robotia is inhabited by machines that live, dream, learn and play. All the inhabitants of Robotia are interconnected because they have been made from recycled parts of same objects that have been reassembled. However, not everyone knows this… Alex and Bibi definitely don’t. When Alex is handed over to his parents, they discover that the little robot has some damage to his foot. Bibi, on the other hand, who was made from the some of the same original parts as Alex, got all the best bits. Ever since she was little, Bibi’s parents have taken care of everything, laying out her studies, her career and her whole future. But Bibi dreams of something different. In the afternoons, without her parents knowing, she plays soccer as much as she can with Alex and his friends.
When Bibi’s parents find out, they forbid her from playing with her friends again, but the gang isn’t about to lose, not only one of their best players, but one of their best friends. In order to see her again, Alex comes up with one of his hair-brained schemes and decides to impersonate the new gym teacher at his friend’s school. To his surprise, he discovers that it’s not only Bibi who loves football, all the girls in her class do. Together, they’re going to show what the girls and boys are capable of, while teaching their critics some important lessons along the way.

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