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Storm Surfers 3D

Storm Surfers 3D

Action/Adventure, Documentary | English | 95 minutes

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Red Bull Media House

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Christopher Nelius, Justin McMillan


Marcus Gillezeau, Ellenor Cox, Manderla Philipp


Christopher Nelius, Justin McMillan


Ross Clarke-Jones, Tom Carroll, Ben Matson, Maya Gabeira



STORM SURFERS 3D is a wild 3D adventure into the world of big wave surfing with Aussie tow-surfing legend Ross Clarke-Jones and two-time World Champion Tom Carroll.

In this epic production, the Storm Surfers team set out to conquer giant waves from breaks around Australia and across the globe. Ross and Tom join forces with some of the world’s greatest surfers and the world’s best female tow-surfer Maya Gabeira to conquer the world’s most awesome waves.

Together, with surf-forecaster Ben Matson, they’ll use cutting edge science and every bit of experience they’ve got, to surf and survive the most challenging waves of their careers.

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