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Action/Adventure | English | 102 minutes

보병 중대

Highland Film Group

캐스트 & 크루


Herbert James Winterstern


Ryan Smith, Ryan Winterstern, Nathan Klingher


Herbert James Winterstern, Anna Elizabeth James


Alec Baldwin, Anne Heche, Skeet Ulrich, Jordan Kristine Seamón


William (Daniel Diemer), a good-hearted teenager, always lived in hopes of following in his father’s footsteps, the legendary storm chaser Bill Brody, killed by a massive super tornado. A mysterious package of his father’s old journals sparks William to run away from his still-grieving mother, Quinn (Anne Heche). His father’s legacy has now been turned into a thrilling storm-chasing tourist business, managed by the greedy and reckless Zane Rogers (Alec Baldwin). William takes the lead on a storm chase with his dad’s old partner Roy (Skeet Ulrich), but the tornadoes have only gotten bigger and Zane pushes his clients toward the heart of the uber destructive storms. William’s mother anxiously searches for her son to save him from the beast that killed his father not knowing that Zane is now using William, son of the great Bill Brody, as a tourist attraction and leads the group deep into the eye of the most dangerous supercell ever seen.

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