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Highland Film Group

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Tim Sutton


Rob Paris, Jib Polhemus, Mike Witherill


Colson Baker, Megan Fox, Maddie Hasson, Scoot McNairy, Ruby Rose


Fresh off his biggest sold-out tour, Cole (Colson Baker) is a rap/rock GOD. Despite being loved and worshiped by millions of fans, he always feels alone and isolated. He can’t seem to navigate the realities of this world, while working to create his next hit song. His ex-wife Mae (Megan Fox) decides their daughter shouldn’t see him anymore, convinced he’s become completely unstable. Ilana (Maddie Hasson), his personal assistant is like a protective older sister but cannot watch him around the clock, as he fights an ongoing battle with his own internal demons. In a vivid portrait of an imploding young star, not unlike Kurt Cobain and Amy Winehouse, Tim Sutton delivers a bold undressing of the mechanisms of the music industry. Cole is that genius but tortured artist people idolize and build up, only to tear down and destroy when he can’t manage all the madness, making him their sacrificial lamb.

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