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That Should Not Be - Our Children Will Accuse Us

That Should Not Be - Our Children Will Accuse Us

Alternate Titles: Nos enfants nous accuseront

Documentary | English, French | 112 minutes

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캐스트 & 크루


Jean-Paul Jaud


Jean-Paul Jaud


Jean-Paul Jaud


In Europe every year 100,000 children die of diseases caused by the environment.
In Europe 70 of cancers are linked to the environment: 30 to pollution and 40 to food.
In Europe cases of cancer in children have been increasing by 1.1 yearly for 30 years.
In France the number of cancers in males has increased by 93 in 25 years.
In a little French community at the foot of the Cévennes Mountains, the mayor has decided to take a stance by making the school canteen organic. Here as everywhere, people are confronted with the anxiety of the dangers of industrial and agro-chemical pollution. It’s the start of a fight against a process that could become irreversible, a fight to stop our children accusing us in the future.

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