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The Adventures of Ociee Nash

The Adventures of Ociee Nash

Drama, Family | English | 98 minutes

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Kristen McGary


Amy McGary


Keith Carradine



Based on Milam McGraw Propst’s award-winning novel, A Flower Blooms on Charlotte Street, The Adventures of Ociee Nash is a delightful and inspiring film you won’t soon forget! Although nine-year-old Ociee loves roaming Mississippi’s 1898 rural landscape, her widower father (Keith Carradine) feels that Ociee lacks a role model to help her become a “young lady.” So, Ociee boards a train to North Carolina, to be raised by her Aunt Mamie (Mare Winningham). Although Ociee meets heroes like the Wright Brothers and the U.S. President, she ultimately proves that she, too, is capable of greatness in this heartwarming, rewarding film the whole family will enjoy.

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