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The Bateman Lectures on Depression

The Bateman Lectures on Depression

Comedy, Documentary | English | 78 minutes

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Adler & Associates Entertainment

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Scott Bateman


Scott Bateman, Will Pollock, Marie Adler


Scott Bateman


Scott Bateman, Cory McAbee, Frank Conniff, Lane Moore, Dave Hill


Scott Bateman has suffered from depression most of his life, so of course now he has made a funny and visually-inventive autobiographical documentary about how his depression feels. The film is structured as a fast-paced 100-question test and includes appearances by Cory McAbee (The American Astronaut), Frank Conniff (Mystery Science Theater 3000), comedians Lane Moore (Tinder Live) and Dave Hill (Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt), and more. Made on a budget of $5000, the film is packed with visual effects and animation created by director Scott Bateman, who also wrote, composed the music, edited and shot The Bateman Lectures on Depression.

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