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The Dark Mile

The Dark Mile

Thriller | English | 93 minutes

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Kew Media Distribution

캐스트 & 크루


Gary Love


Dorian Healy, Melanie Dicks, Gary Love


Rebecca Calder, Deirdre Mullins, Finlay MacMillan, Paul Brannigan, Shelia Hancock



A tense psychological horror-thriller starring Rebecca Calder (King Arthur: Legend of the Sword) and Deirdre Mullins (My Name is Emily), The Dark Mile blends The Wicker Man and Duel in a film rich with atmosphere and tension.

London couple Louise and Clare book a sailing trip in the Scottish Highlands to recover from a personal tragedy. The location may be idyllic but soon they are tormented by a black industrial barge that follows them, and by the dysfunctional folk on board...

Hints of the occult and paganism point to dark times ahead as the tension mounts.

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