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The Defense of New Haven

The Defense of New Haven

Action/Adventure, Childrens, Faith, Family | English | 82 minutes

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Joel Steege


Joel Steege, Lisa Steege, Joel Steege


Joel Steege, Lisa Steege


Addison Charles, Amelia Joy, Harrison Joel, Tate Ivan, Nathaniel Adam, Brendan Lee, Alayne Blythe



Caught in the upheaval when the Raiders begin attacks against the city of New Haven, Alec joins the team that forms the thin line of defense. Slowed by a physical handicap and resistance from members of the team, Alec must choose where to focus his efforts if he is to keep his job with the force, and if they are to stop the Raiders from destroying the city. Join Alec, Eddie, Pete, and the crew as they battle through perilous adventures, hilarious mishaps, and tear-jerking moments in this allegorical story filled with fun, humor, and a reminder of the importance of God’s Word in our life.

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