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TKG: The Kids of Grove

TKG: The Kids of Grove

Drama, Psycho-Drama, Suspense, Thriller | English | 112 minutes

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MultiVisionnaire Pictures

캐스트 & 크루


Damien Giglietta


Leigh Smith, Damien Giglietta, Breon Simms


Damien Giglietta


Maria Velletri, Mark Casamento, Henry Torres, Mick Preston



Property developer Nicholas Wright of Wright Property Firm has an ambitious vision -- he plans to tear down a run-down housing project, The Grove, and build a luxurious condo on the site. The current residence there are merely obstacles that need to be removed. He places Team Leader Marissa in charge of this. Despite her moral hesitations about the situation, Marissa follows her boss's orders. However, the people of The Grove won't go down without a fight. After organizing themselves into a vicious gang, called "TKG (The Kids of Grove)", they send threatening letters to everyone at Wright Property Firm. Frightened, Marissa begs Nicholas to take the threats seriously, but he dismisses them as merely empty threats of "keyboard warriors." Unfortunately the threats are real, and TKG are now coming after everyone at Wright Property Firm for vengeance. All they can hope now is to survive TKG's onslaught. Who is justified?

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