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The New Kid

Family | French | 80 minutes

보병 중대

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캐스트 & 크루


Rudi Rosenberg


Mathias Rubin, Eric


Rudi Rosenberg


Rephael Ghrenassia, Johanna Lindstedt, Max Boublil


Benoit, 14 y.o., leaves the country-side for Paris. His first day at school turns out to be more difficult
than expected, and he quickly becomes isolated. Until one day, Johanna, a new Swedish girl
arrives in class. Benoit decides to throw a party at home but only three people show up… Three
nerds, Aglaée, Red Head and Constantin. Against all odds, they have the greatest night together.
Finally accepted by the other upper class clique, he drops his three friends to become popular.
Will he come back to his real friends, the ones he can truly count on, or will he stay « the popular
guy » to get Johanna?

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