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The Night My Dad Saved Christmas

The Night My Dad Saved Christmas

Alternate Titles: La Navidad en sus manos

Comedy | Spanish | 90 minutes

보병 중대


캐스트 & 크루


Joaquín Mazón


Kiko Martinez, Mª Luisa Gutiérrez


Francisco Arnal, Daniel Monedero, Álvaro Ariza


Ernesto Sevilla, Santiago Segura


What would happen if, one year, SANTA CLAUS was forced to cancel his Christmas Eve appointment with the world’s children?

A few days before Christmas, the famously cheerful and magical giver of gifts has an accident on his sleigh, right in the middle of Madrid. He ends up in hospital, which is where he’ll have
to stay until after Christmas.

Fortunately, the guy he’s sharing a room with at the hospital, Salva, is willing to step in and take on his all-important Christmas work.

But it won’t be easy… the Christmas countdown clock is ticking and Salva has to find the reindeer, learn to fly the sleigh and, the most difficult part of all… learn to be a good person.

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