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The Night Watchman

The Night Watchman

Alternate Titles: Jamais de la Vie !

Drama | French

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Pierre Jolivet


2.4.7 Films


Pierre Jolivet


Olivier Gourmet, Bonneton


Franck works as a night watchman in a shopping mall in the slum outskirts of Paris. He used to be a skilled worker and union delegate, always ready to fight for his fellow workers. Ten years have passed since and he is now alone with no prospect for change. One night, he notices a black SUV prowling around the mall’s parking lot. His suspicions turn into reality : a gang is planning a holdup and Franck is the only one to know about it. He wants to turn this situation into an opportunity for him and his friends to fulfill his destiny. A way for him to become a working-class hero again…

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