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The Open Door

The Open Door

Drama | English | 100 minutes

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캐스트 & 크루


Stephen Zambo


Elizabeth Zambo


William Aird, Curt Backlund



Sam and the life he shares changes the attitude of his family, friends and community toward those with special needs. Long -Sam (Michael Jeske) is a young man with special needs. A family tragedy forces Sam to leave his home and move in with his sister Madison (Megan Jacobs). Sam and Madison are less than happy about their unwanted situation. Sam missed the familiar and consistent life of his past, while Madison yearns for her lost freedom and independence. Madison’s landlord Roy (David Ruprecht), the town curmudgeon, is not amused by the drama and conflict that now surrounds his once lonely, yet peaceful existence. But, even Roy is not immune to the simple truths and unshaken faith Sam brings to the town of Fort Barber, the local church, and Roy’s old farmhouse.

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