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The ReBirth

The ReBirth

Drama | English | 90 minutes

보병 중대

Leionia Free Productions LLC

캐스트 & 크루


Andrew Sierra


Aspri Frank


Patricia Bello, Jamil C. Winston, Jessica Norman, Steven Smith, Jovens Etienne, Darien Batista, Terence Washington, Ace Acevdeo


This dramatization is based on some true events that two young professional women experienced in their relationships. They thought that they had met the love of their lives; but soon found themselves in a relationship that was filled with manipulation, control, lies, control, physical and/or mental abuse. As they navigate through their abusive relationship it is evident the abuse is impacting their lives as they try to make it appear that everything is better than what it really is. Each has a ReBirth based on the decisions they make. What will their ReBirth be?

ReBirth ((R= Resilient E= Energized B= Bold I= Intentional R=Resurgent T=Tenacious H= Hope)

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