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The Road Mangler Deluxe

The Road Mangler Deluxe

Alternate Titles: Road Mangler Deluxe

Documentary | English | 80 minutes

보병 중대


캐스트 & 크루


Ross Simpson


Otis Gibbs, Ross Simpson


Otis Gibbs, Ross Simpson


Phil Kaufman



Charles Manson was the doorway to bedding more murderers than anyone else in Hollywood. The Rolling Stones paved the way to a life of rock n' roll. And a drunken promise made to his friend, Gram Parsons, led to him stealing Gram's body and giving him a Viking Funeral in the Joshua Tree desert.

Phil Kaufman's run-ins with rock n' roll history are the stuff of legend.

He's the guy who wrote the book about how to manage rock and roll on the road. He's the quintessential, archetypical Road Manager who stumbled into the job with just his wits, badass personality, and enough insanity to get the job done. Whatever that meant each day.

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