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To The Fore

To The Fore

Action/Adventure, Drama | Mandarin | 126 minutes

보병 중대

Emperor Motion Pictures

캐스트 & 크루


Dante Lam


Candy Leung, Albert Lee, Qian Sun


Dante Lam, Fung Lam, Silver


Eddie Peng, Siwon Choi, Shawn Dou, Luodan Wang



The domestique forces an opening. The escort and support cover. The sprinter seizes the advantage - strikes To The Fore. A professional cycling team moves with the speed and power of military Special Forces. Each member plays a tactical role, motivated by a single strategy. Victory belongs to the team, not the individual.

The balletic interplay between team Radiant’s brilliant sprinter, Zheng Zhiyuan, and the two domestiques Chou Ming and Qiu Tian has won them countless victories, including the defeat of archrival Phantom.

The team’s success is undermined when competition heats up within, between the three riders, each aspiring to be number one. As the code of teamwork fall by the wayside, succumbing to individual ego and ambition, who’s going to cross the finish line first?

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