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Action/Adventure, Drama, Psycho-Drama | English | 82 minutes

보병 중대

Indie Rights

캐스트 & 크루


Larry Smith


Om Puri, Amanda Donohoe, Vithaya Pansringram, Jonathan Raggett



Based on real events two young brothers are taken by they're parents to find a better life in Malaysia . after a long journey from North Vietnam to meet the people Traffickers The father was not allowed on the boat the mother and 2 son's travel alone with a promise that the father would join them later. During the boat journey the boat was attacked by Pirates in the south China sea, the women were taken along with cash from the traffickers, all of the traffickers were killed and the boat was left to drift until spotted by an Australian tanker. The only survivors were two young brothers 3 year old dahn and 5 year old Has. this is a remarkable story of survival and ultimately death for one of the brothers in there adopted country of Australia.

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