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Documentary | English | 90 minutes

보병 중대

AGC Studios

캐스트 & 크루


Jordan Bryon, Monica Villamizar


Monica Villamizar


Jordan Bryon


Jordan Bryon, Farzad Fetrat, Kiana Hayeri


Transition follows Jordan Byron a conflict documentarian, living in Afghanistan during it’s tumultuous transition from war-weary occupation to Taliban controlled Islamic State. Byron, is invited by a Taliban Commander to film the daily life of a Taliban unit for the New York Times. He eats, sleeps, sits and speaks with the fighters, getting to know them as men, potential friends he cares about, while contemplating what they would do to him or his friend/cameraman Teddy if they knew who he really was. Byron is in the process of his female to male gender transition. Living as a man but biologically changing from woman to man in a country where women are harassed, hidden and losing more and more freedoms daily. Byron must navigate the ethical dilemmas of lying about who he is, feeling comfortable in his changing body, seeing his friends Kiana a female photojournalist and Teddy wrestle with their own future in Afghanistan and watching his adopted home go from a place he could be free of western labels to being a country of only two labels, for or against the Taliban authority.

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