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Drama | English | 107 minutes

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캐스트 & 크루


Marc Steele


Rachel Meyer, Katie O'Grady


Emily Kimball, Katie O'Grady



Dawn is ready to finish her senior year of high school when her neglectful, party loving mother is tragically killed, forcing Dawn to go to live with her aunt Jamie who co-pastors a church with her husband, Willem.

Unfortunately not long into her stay things go terribly wrong and Dawn runs away. When Dawn’s Aunt Jamie realizes her home was not the safe haven she thought it was, she embarks on a courageous search for Dawn.

Dawn, having no foreknowledge of the streets, is easy prey for a two bit street hustler, falling for his well rehearsed flattery and is lured into a life she never could have imagined for herself. Jamie learns of her predicament and becomes more determined than ever to rescue in spite of Dawn’s desire to distance herself.

Anxiously Jamie befriends a street minister and the two of them set out together to find Dawn. However, in her search for Dawn, Jamie realizes it is not only Dawn who needs rescuing.

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